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Susan's Story

Susan is a little who recently joined our program. She tells us how happy she is to have someone she can call a really good friend and mentor.  Living with autism as well as anxiety, Susan is home-schooled by her mother, who works and has many other responsibilities. While Susan’s mother is loving and supportive, she often lacks the necessary time to devote to Susan, which has led to her having unfulfilled social needs.  She sometimes has difficulty at home and has had conflict with family members. She appears to strongly desire social contact and often tries to associate with younger children whom she can better understand.  Once Agency staff explained the program, Susan became extremely interested in being matched with a Big Sister. Susan described her Big Sister like this:


“A friend. A really good friend. Kelly's really fun, she has a lot of cool ideas and it’s fun to be around her." -Susan (New Little Sister)


After weeks with her Big Sister, Susan has now attended a hockey game, baked treats with her Big Sister and visited the library. Susan has really enjoyed her time with her Big Sister and the activities they have engaged in so far and is looking forward to more activities.  Having a devoted Big Sister allows Susan to enjoy activities she might not ordinarily get a chance to take part in, while also giving her the time and a safe space with a caring adult to talk  to about anything.


Susan’s mom shares the same sentiments about the program. She acknowledges the positive impact the Big Sisters mentoring program has had in her daughter’s life.


"Since Susan does have challenges, it's been a chance for her to get positive social interactions with someone other than peers her own age who sometimes aren't sensitive to her needs." -Susan’s mom

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