We believe in the value and values of mentoring.”


We will provide diverse mentoring programs that meet both the needs and interests of children and youth in our community through our dedicated volunteers and staff.

Guiding Principles
1. Our agency exists to serve children, youth and families
2. We will build capacity within the community in all that we do
3. Our Board will play both governance and working roles
4. Our Executive Director will manage the organization
5. Our Staff will focus primarily on program delivery


Empowerment – we believe that children should be supported within their families and communities to reach their full potential, and that each child’s development can be enhanced by positive, nurturing relationships with caring adults. Our programs are dedicated to empowering children by strengthening their personal abilities, confidence and interpersonal skills.

Capacity – we believe that children have the capacity to lead full and rewarding lives and become contributing adult members of their community. We are committed to building the capacity of our community by collaborating with dedicated volunteers in building relationships with children and families. We believe that the delivery of children’s services in the community will be strengthened by alliances and collaborative initiatives with other organizations that share and demonstrate a commitment to our values.

Accountability – we believe that children should grow up in an environment that supports their well-being and enables them to realize their potential. As such, we are accountable to the children we serve for delivering effective programs that are consistent, safe and reliable. We believe rigorous screening, matching, monitoring and training standards must always be maintained in our programs.

Inclusion – we believe that our programs must support the diversity of the community we serve.

Excellence – we believe that the strength of our organization comes from the commitment of our volunteers to building a vibrant community through their active collaboration with our professional staff in both service delivery and governance. We have a responsibility to provide an environment for our staff which recognizes and supports their contributions to our organization and provides opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Event Dates

There are no upcoming event dates to be displayed. If you would like to hold an event for Big Brothers Big Sisters KFLA kindly call Peter Cory at 613-544-1621 or email


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